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Data Center Design: Key Areas of Focus

From Google glasses to Nest thermostats to Fitbit wristbands and beyond, the Internet of Things is here to stay and will drastically shape our digital economy for many years to come.

According to Cisco, there will be more than 5 billion connected devices worldwide by 2020 – a tsunami of data that all flows through data centers.

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Managed Services, Backup And Recovery, And Networking News From … – Business Solutions Magazine

Each month, Business Solutions reports news on business in the channel. This month in managed services, backup and recovery, and networking news, StrandVision Digital Signage introduces health/wellness animated templates, Unitrends announces Release 8, and snom adds an expansion module. Also, Tech Data offers Cisco Network Security Solutions and enhances its suite of marketing services. 

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How New Types of DDoS Affect the Cloud

At a recent security meeting with a large healthcare organization, I had the privilege of looking at the logs of a private cloud infrastructure which I helped design. They showed me a couple of interesting numbers and what looked like possible DDoS attacks. Except, they were different. The security admin mentioned that he, and colleagues in different organizations, have been seeing a spike in malicious DDoS attacks against their systems.

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BYOD and security: Can you have both?

If you allow employees to use their personal devices for work, are you exposing your organization to new security risks? Attempted security breaches are on the rise, and employee smartphones, tablets and laptops could provide new pathways for malware, viruses and hacking. What can you do to protect enterprise information, applications and networks while still supporting your organization’s bring-your-own-device (BYOD) program?

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Dell Welcomes Security Partners Back to Peak Performance Conference

Since first joining SonicWALL in 2006, our annual conference for SonicWALL channel partners was always one of the main highlights of my year. It gave us an opportunity to meet face-to-face with our channel partners from around the world to exchange ideas about vital security industry trends, and learn about their concerns and priorities.

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Improving Security & Technological Flexibility for Federal Government Customers

In our work with customers across the federal government landscape, we often come across challenges that highlight the complex nature of carrying out an IT strategy in the federal space. Our customers in the public sector must navigate security, compliance, and regulatory requirements that necessitate a consultative, case-by-case approach to solution implementation.

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Dell’s SuperMassive Scores Big in NSS Labs 2014 NGFW Real-World Test Again

The finest restaurant guarantees its longevity by making sure its meals taste perfect and satisfying to customers each and every time they visit.

Scoring big consistently with five stars rating is the key to its success. The same must be when it comes to your business livelihood.

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Russian Criminals Amass Massive Stolen Password Cache

Researchers at Hold Security said it discovered a server containing more than 4 billion records, including 1.2 billion unique login combinations apparently used to support spam campaigns.

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Target Projects Data Breach Costs Total $148 Million

Target said expenses associated with the response to its massive credit card breach last November are expected to reach $148 million, as it tallies the cost of its extensive digital forensics investigation, legal fees, customer outreach and additional security safeguards to reduce the risk of a future breach.

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Life’s A Breach: SMBs Finally Turn To MSPs For A Security Boost

Small- and midsize-business owners are increasingly turning to resellers and MSPs to contain security incidents and are entering into long-term IT management discussions to bolster their security posture in the wake of several high-profile threats, according to panelists participating in a formal discussion on the future of cybersecurity

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