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Security Expert: Industry Is Failing Miserably At Fixing Underlying Dangers

Endpoint security software, network security appliances and the latest automated incident response platforms mask the problems rather than address them, says Eugene Spafford, a security expert and industry luminary.

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Stolen eBay Employee Credentials Result In Massive User Password Data Breach

eBay is urging its 145 million account holders to reset their user passwords following a data breach that exposed encrypted passwords and user account information.

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NetApp 360 Blog: Moving from Cloud Vision to Re… | NetApp Community

Organizations want the ability to move data as needed without being constrained by previous architecture decisions. Cisco® Intercloud and the NetApp® cloud data fabric enable customers to confidently choose new cloud partners for their IT journey to the cloud. The combination of Intercloud with the NetApp Data ONTAP® operating system provides the platform for flexibility of choice and security in the cloud.

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Guest Users : Friend or Foe to your network?

The question asked then and now is still:  When is a visitor or contractor a threat, and what can be done to mitigate that threat?

It has become expected that organizations provide wireless networks for visitors and staff but increasingly questions are being asked about the threats posed by outsiders given access to wireless services and allowed beyond into an organization’s network. Aside from combating the obvious rogue element it is also important to remember that such users can have malicious effects without intending it, due to malware existing, unknown to them, on their machines.

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How to measure security?

No one would pretend that an organization’s threats and the effectiveness of its security policy should not be measured and quantified. But what does that mean in reality?

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