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VMware Network Virtualization Blog: VMware NSX Runs Great on VCE Vblock Systems

Last week at EMC World in Las Vegas, one of the industry’s best offerings in converged infrastructure was on display. The adoption of converged infrastructure is becoming increasingly common in many organizations. In fact, research estimates that the total addressable market for converged infrastructure will reach $402B by 2017. Companies are taking advantage of converged infrastructure to accelerate cloud and software-defined data center deployments.

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VMware Virtualization Management Blog: vCAC and Nsx – Dynamically Configure Application Specific Network Services

Can you deliver a secure, scalable and high performing application on demand?

Applications need much more than the appropriately sized virtual machines. They also need networks configured with appropriate connectivity, security, availability, scale, and performance.

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View from the Cloud: Bringing Technologies Together

Preeti Nirwal  is Product manager at Hostway Corporation.

Cloud computing remains one of the hottest trends in modern technology.

Analysts at IDC predict that global spending on public cloud services, just one sector of the cloud, will top $100 billion in 2017, growing five times as quickly as the IT industry as a whole.

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Voice Technology that Makes Your Conference Calls Sound Amazingly Clear and Life-like

When was the last time you used a conference phone? Today, or perhaps yesterday? It probably hasn’t been more than a day or two. Open-air voice conferencing is as ubiquitous as with the traditional handheld or headset – maybe even more so for many of today’s businesses.

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Made in the USA?

We’ve all heard the predictions for the past several years that manufacturing will move back to the United States. Now it appears that the “crystal balls” of the industry seers were, in fact, accurate. According to a recent survey by Estrada Group titled “Where in the World”, the US is now considered the prime location […]

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Panduit Acquires SynapSense – A Leader in Wireless Monitoring and Cooling Optimization

DCIM and cooling solutions help Data Centers save up to 50% of cooling energy costs while providing comprehensive capacity management, that being said, Panduit has recently acquired SynapSense Corporation located in Folsom, CA specializing in thermal risk management and cooling energy savings for large enterprise, colocation, and cloud computing service providers. 

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VMware Virtualization Management Blog: Management Automation: The “Catalysts” that Empower the Software Defined Data Center

By Rich Bourdeau

Today, the world revolves around applications. Creating, delivering and managing those applications is a formidable challenge for both Development and IT.  By virtualizing all aspects of the data center (namely, compute, networking, security and storage), VMware customers are moving to a completely virtualized infrastructure. One that can be dynamically configured to meet specific application needs.

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Understanding the World of Cloud Automation

The modern data center is getting a lot smarter. We’ve got better systems, more optimally controlled resources, and the end-user experience is continuously improving. But there’s a lot more intelligence being built into your cloud platform than ever before. The sheer number of new users and workloads accessing the cloud has forced data centers and various organizations to adopt new, powerful, methods to delivery rich content.

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Building a Structured Approach to the Industrial Network

The linkage between technology and future growth is strong. As McKinsey & Company characterizes, for western economies the growth of GDP will only come from the “do it smarter” companies that build a better business model. 

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Data Center Security Lessons from Heartbleed and Target

Winston Saunders has worked at Intel for nearly two decades and currently works on making the data center more secure and efficient. Winston is a graduate of UC Berkeley and the University of Washington. You can find him online at “Winston on Energy” on Twitter

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