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Re-thinking Colocation in the Age of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has swept through the IT infrastructure industry and made it easier for companies to use servers, storage and software applications on demand and “as-a-service.”

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6 Important Things To Know About Microsoft’s New Volume Licensing Program

Microsoft launched the Microsoft Products & Services Agreement last December. Here are six things Microsoft partners and customers need to know about MPSA.

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Preparing for the Industrial IP World Cup

The FIFA World Cup brings out the competitive instincts of sports fans across the globe. The strategies, styles, skills and depth of teams around the globe are tested and validated like no other sporting event. How much training and practice does it take to play at that elite level? If you have participated as a […]

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Google I/O: Looks Like Android Is Getting Ready For The Internet Of Things

Aiming to make the world more connected are the new Android L OS, Android Wear, Android Auto and Android TV. Solution providers, however, know that someone has to secure it all.

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Cisco, NetApp Make It Clear: No VMware NSX For FlexPod

Cisco and NetApp said for SDN, the choice in FlexPod will be Cisco’s ACI technology, but FlexPod channel partners call the decision a risky one given VMware’s influence.

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Security Expert: Industry Is Failing Miserably At Fixing Underlying Dangers

Endpoint security software, network security appliances and the latest automated incident response platforms mask the problems rather than address them, says Eugene Spafford, a security expert and industry luminary.

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LG Electronics Debuts New Pro:Centric Hospitality TV Series At HITEC 2014

LG Electronics USA, the industry leader in hotel- and guest-centric display solutions, is introducing two new series of commercial-grade LED TVs featuring the latest Pro:Centric® platform, designed to deliver an enhanced, interactive guest-room experience.

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Proactive Services By Design

Most IT professionals prefer a proactive approach to support when managing their IT environment. Who doesn’t want to prevent issues from impacting their environment or causing costly downtime? To be successful, you need the right tools and resources from your technology vendors. EMC continues to invest in its Agile Services model, first introduced in 2011, to empower customers to be increasingly proactive in managing their environments.

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What Kind of Cloud Buyer Are You?

Matt Gerber is Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing at 2nd Watch.

If your company is experimenting by migrating a single application to the cloud, there’s no need to reinvent processes. But what if you are looking to move entire departments of users and applications to AWS or Azure? That can mean a full-scale transformation of IT operations.

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Application Placement and the Business Value Chain

Several months ago I used a Data Loch Ness analogy to highlight a backup and recovery strategy for next generation infrastructure. I used the image shown here on the left to stress that large amounts of data shouldn’t be brought to the surface unnecessarily. The point of the article was straightforward: as data volumes increase, traditional backup and recovery (e.g. bringing data up to the backup server and down to the protection storage) won’t work anymore.

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