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Open Compute – Going Beyond the Hype

How can you create a truly agile and scalable infrastructure? How do you design a platform built around efficiency and growth? What can you do to keep up with the dynamic growth and demand requirements around the modern data center platform?

Let’s delve in and find out.

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Government Is Slow To Invest In Cybersecurity

Solution providers in the public sector discuss current cybersecurity threats. They demand increased awareness and funding, particularly in the U.S. government.

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DCIM for Small Data Centers

When it comes to running an efficient operation, small data centers have many of the same concerns and challenges as their larger counterparts. One of the greatest challenges that managers of small data centers have is that they typically have limited resources in terms of technology, staffing, and financial support. 

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NTT’s Osaka Data Center Build Illustrates Impact of 2011 Earthquake on Industry

It has been more than three years since the Great East Japan Earthquake devastated the island country’s northeast. Aftershocks of the disaster are still felt by the country’s data center industry, continuing to shape its dynamics.

NTT Communications’ expansion of data center capacity in Osaka — way south of the area affected by the tremor — serves as an illustration (in both location and design) of how the industry is being shaped by the event.

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The Huge Opex Win – Treat Inactive Data like Inactive Data

Few organizations are unaware of the challenges posed by ever-increasing amounts of unstructured data. Primary storage data growth extends backup cycles, consumes resources, requires unnecessary management overhead, and can end up costing millions of dollars for extensions and upgrades.

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Partners: Dell’s Transformation As Private Company Is Impressive, But Channel Wrinkles Persist

Dell partners say the vendor has undergone a number of dramatic changes since going private, most of them positive. However, some partners feel Dell needs to get better at working with the channel.

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Microsoft Takes Page From Yammer Playbook, Shares Office 365 Roadmap With Customers

Microsoft launches new option for Office 365 customers that want to know in advance exactly what’s coming in updates to the cloud service.

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Dell Outlines Software-Defined Storage Strategy, With Compellent, Nexenta Playing Key Roles

When it comes to software-defined storage, Dell and its partners believe the combination of their respective technologies represents the broadest portfolio in the industry.

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Kaspersky Lab Set To Launch Federal Subsidiary To Go After U.S. Goverment IT Security Contracts

Kaspersky Lab set to unveil Kaspersky Government Security Solutions, a separate company that will bid for big U.S. government cybersecurity contracts.

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Cisco, Juniper: Facebook’s New ‘Wedge’ Switch Is No Threat To Our Business

Facebook Wednesday unveiled a Linux-based, top-of-rack networking switch called Wedge that it plans to make available as an open-source hardware design through its Open Compute Project.

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