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Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity: Putting Your Plan in Place

The data center is changing. We have new methods of cooling, optimizing the data center and even the utilization of green energy through next-generation geothermal technologies. The insides of the data center and what goes into the rack has been changing as well. New platforms around consolidation, server technology and cloud computing are all impacting how we process and utilize resources.

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What the Internet of Things Really Means for Your Business

There’s been a lot of hype around the idea of the Internet of Things (IoT). Organizations are certainly hearing the message that there are more devices connected, more users utilizing cloud-based resources and a new data-on-demand generation requiring constant connectivity. The world and how we connect with it is constantly changing. This also means incorporating once dormant electronics with the cloud. This is the concept behind IoT: complete interconnection on an intelligent cloud platform.

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Switch SUPERNAP Partners With 6fusion For Better Usage And Cost Transparency

Switch SUPERNAP has partnered with 6fusion for better cost transparency. 6fusion’s technology and utility methodology will be integrated into SUPERNAP’s technology environment to provide cost transparency through 6fusion’s patented unit of measure, the Workload Allocation Cube (WAC).

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The Changing Face of Disaster Recovery

A good disaster recovery (DR) plan is like insurance.  Companies hope they will never have to use it. But what happens when a natural or human-induced disaster occurs?  Can the business recover operations in a reasonable time, if at all?  And what is the economic impact when they do?

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Dell Updates Foglight Virtualization Management Software

Virtualization management tool Foglight for Virtualization (FVE) 8 is now in preview. The two major additions include new features to Capacity Director and the Change Analyzer, a feature that will allow virtual administrators to track, and optionally roll back, change events.

IT administrators use FVE for insight and control to change tracking across the virtual environment. It gives visibility across virtual and physical resources and helps to identify and fix problems and plan for growth.

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VMware is Now an Open Compute Project Gold Level Member

By Ray OBy

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Moving toward a software-defined data center with Open Networking

With the proliferation of virtualization throughout the data center with servers, storage and desktops, now is the time to tackle the last part – the network.

The software-defined data center of the future is coming and Dell’s Open Networking solutions will play a big part of the networking abstraction and automation. 

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Delivering Cost Efficient Virtual Desktops solution

Over the last few years desktop virtualization deployments have been ramping up across various industry verticals from few 100 users to several 1000 users. To help you ensure risk free deployments with best in class user experience & achieve faster ROI, VMware & NetApp have been partnering for the last 7 years to enable our customers with joint solutions around VMware Horizon and more recently with Horizon Desktop as a Service (DaaS). Our joint solutions have been deployed globally by thousands of organizations.

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Cutting out the crosstalk – DatacenterDynamics

As 10GBase-T availability continues to grow, more data centers are planning migrations to 10GbE. Its broad deployment is expected to make data center infrastructure more transparent. It should also make managing server connectivity easier while …

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Dell’s SuperMassive Scores Big in NSS Labs 2014 NGFW Real-World Test Again

The finest restaurant guarantees its longevity by making sure its meals taste perfect and satisfying to customers each and every time they visit.

Scoring big consistently with five stars rating is the key to its success. The same must be when it comes to your business livelihood.

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