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The Cloud in 2014 and Beyond

As we wrap up 2014, it’s time we took a look at some of the biggest cloud technologies that made an impact over the course of the year and thought about cloud predictions for 2015. Listed here are many of the technologies that were big this year.

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Report: More Firms Use SaaS for Mission Critical Apps

Software-as-a-Service applications are increasingly being used for mission critical purposes, according to a recent report by Gartner. Cost considerations continue to be a driving factor, but many senior business leaders view agility as a primary reason for moving to SaaS.

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Intel announces 32-layer 3D NAND chips, plans for larger-than-10TB SSDs

It’s been clear for several years that three-dimensional NAND die stacking, in which chip layers are oriented vertically as opposed to horizontal planar structures was the way forward for next-generation chip designs. Until now, Samsung has been the only company to take that plunge, but that’s going to change in 2015 with the launch of Intel’s own solution in 2015.

Can Intel steal early momentum from Samsung?

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Planar Announces Two New Clarity Matrix Ultra-Narrow Bezel LCD Models

Planar Systems, Inc., a global leader in display and digital signage technology, today announced two new ultra-narrow bezel LCD models in its line of Clarity™ Matrix LCD Video Wall System with G2 Architecture, bringing superior visual performance to an even wider variety of video wall applications. The two new Clarity Matrix with G2 Architecture options include a 46” model with 800 nits brightness and a 55” model with 500 nits brightness. The new models feature a tiled bezel width of just 3.7mm (0.15 inches) between adjacent LCD displays for a near-seamless image.

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Seeing is Believing: Learn How DCIM Improves Data Center Visibility

Take a moment and examine the modern IT and corporate landscape. We have a lot more devices, many more applications, and a truly consumerized user. All of this has resulted in a boom in both data and data center utilization. Why? Because the data center is the home to all of these modern technologies.

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Building the Foundation for Agile Data Centers

The modern data center is the hub for cloud computing, virtual platforms, and of course, all types of new applications. The proliferation of BYOD and IT consumerization has placed even greater amounts of resource demands around data center platforms. Organizations and data center administrators are constantly looking for ways to create a more agile and efficient infrastructure. But where do they begin?

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Brand-new look for MTS retail outlets

MTS Allstream unveiled its new flagship retail store in Winnipeg Tuesday, complete with a floor-to-ceiling video wall to help showcase its products and services. The new Kildonan Place Shopping Centre outlet is the first MTS store to receive a complete makeover.

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French Web Host Builds ARM-Powered Bare Metal Cloud

PARIS – The French government’s 2012 decision to give upward of €280 million to two companies so they could build cloud computing infrastructure that would keep French data within the country’s borders quite predictably upset a lot of people.

The government had hand-picked two firms, backed by massive IT vendors and telcos, and gave them a substantial financial advantage on the public’s dime.

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Green Data Centers: Sorting myth from reality

Five years ago, large organizations were just starting to become aware of the green agenda. Recycling and cutting their carbon footprint could improve their image, they realized. They gave the responsibility to their corporate social responsibility (CSR) officers and prepared to invest.

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Upcoming AFCOM Events to Address your Data Center’s Daunting Holiday Task List

Do you have upcoming 2015 projects to improve the management and efficiency of your IT & Data Center?
Are you out shopping for Data Center space, hosting and cloud service providers?
Do you need consulting and design help with your next IT or Data Center project?
Do you need help sourcing proven and leading IT and Facilities infrastructure?
Are you looking for help with the maintenance and operations of your mission critical environment?

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