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The Internet of Things and the Future of Storage

A “smart and safe city” initiative was recently launched in Kazan, Russia. The goal of this initiative is to transform the city gradually by creating a network of Internet-connected sensors and devices that will serve its population with greater efficiencies and better quality of life. As an example, connected cameras have been installed in the famous Gorky Park to enhance security and safety.

Kazan provides a real-world example of what the Internet of Things means for the data storage industry.

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Cloud Computing, SDDC and the hybridity concept explained

In some of the recent projects Imanaged Ifind my selfexplaining tocustomers the basics of SDDC,cloud computing approaches and especially the difference approaches of Private, Public and hybrid cloud. Public, Private, Hybrid, it all seems like seems like empty words when you are trying to attach in the real world.

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Tintri Provides Competitive Edge for PTS’ Hosted Cloud Service

Tintri Multi-Tenancy Storage Delivers High Performance, Management Simplicity, and Comprehensive Visibility for VDI and DR-as-a-Service Offerings PTS Data Center Solutions

“One of the largest growth areas we are now seeing is in the VDI market,” Pete Sacco, President and Founder of PTS Data Center Solutions reported. “While VMware Horizon is an impressive virtual desktop software offering, performance was lacking in our environment, mostly because of the added complexity of our underlying storage platform. To serve that market with NetApp, we had to use a very complex array of SSDs, flashcards and flash drives, and a myriad of different methodologies in order to get enough performance. Managing the NetApp environment was also overwhelming, which basically made VDI ‘far less sexy’ from a business perspective.”

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How to Ensure Fast Failover and Disaster Recovery for Enterprise Apps

Your applications are critical to your business and your users. In fact, much of the focus around mobility, content delivery, and data control directly revolves around virtualized enterprise applications.

Both new and legacy applications are moving to virtualization because it reduces cost, improves hardware utilization and simplifies management. Originally, proprietary virtualization platforms were the dominant forces in the industry.

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Hybrid Cloud Managed for You

Peter Lacoste

EMC has recently unveiled a hybrid cloud that can be up and running in 30 days or less using a simple, engineered solution called the EMC Hybrid Cloud 2.5. Developed using the lessons of many thousands cloud projects, we’ve refined this solution to ensure we are enabling our customers to speed their transformation to a third platform of IT.

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Room to grow: Tips for data center capacity planning

Capacity planning needs to provide answers to two questions: What are you going to need to buy in the coming year? And when are you going to need to buy it?

To answer those questions, you need to know the following information: current usage, normal growth, planned growth, headroom, timetable. From that information, you can calculate the amount of capacity you expect to need for each resource by the end of the following year with a simple formula…

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Datapipe, Equinix Meld Colo and AWS in Fully Managed Hybrid Environments

Equinix and Datapipe have teamed up to provide hybrid IT solutions that combine managed Amazon Web Services cloud and data center colocation. It has been possible to create such hybrid environments out of Equinix data centers before. What’s new is the full managed services offered by Datapipe.

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Best Practices for Optimizing Your Network for Video – Audio Visual News Network

“Video for streaming, for real-time communication, for unified communications, or even just for playback, usually has a fairly consistent, sustained bandwidth requirement,” said Tom Barnett, director of product marketing at Crestron Electronics Inc.

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Tintri raises capacity and adds Hyper-V in hybrid flash T800 series –

The NFS-connected T800 devices support 3,500, 2,000 and 750 virtual machines (VMs) respectively, based on an “average” VM of up to 40GB and 120 IOPS, according to Tintri director of systems engineering, Mark Young. 

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VDI and the Cloud – Understanding the Scenarios

Initially, virtual desktops were touted as the replacement for physical desktops and a simple transition to a new type of end-point architecture. Managers and admins were promised this whole new type of environment which would help them transition to a more BYOD-friendly environment and assist with the move to Windows 7 (and now Windows 8). The problem became clear when underlying infrastructure components began to suffer as more resources were, in fact, required to run a VDI platform.

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