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The Evolution of Solid State Drives for the Enterprise

Now that you have made the decision to adopt Solid State Drives (SSDs) in your data center, choices abound. As with any evolving data center technology, there are options to suit your unique compute environment — whether your primary concern is cost or performance.

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Four Reasons MSPs Should Invest In The Cloud

Directors and chief information officers have at last gotten on board with the cloud, recognizing its ability to simplify internal operations and improve the acquiring, sharing and analysis of data. Here’s what MSPs can bring to the table in this emerging technological area.Via

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What’s Driving Greater Adoption of IT Operations Analytics?

With modern business becoming more complex and facing constant changes, unpredictable events, and dynamic demand by the end users – all happening at unprecedented speed – IT Operations & Management is looking to adopt the right tools to optimize operations to handle the complexity and pace of change.

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Energy Efficient Cabinets: More Than Big Metal Boxes

Cabinets are the foundation of the data center’s physical infrastructure, used throughout the life cycle of the facility. IT equipment that runs the applications are contained within them, the cabling that connects the equipment to the users and the LAN/SANs are terminated and managed in them, power is distributed within them, and cooling is channeled through them. They are also the most visible infrastructure element, and how they look and fit together is often an indicator of how a data center is run and managed.

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Rise of Direct Liquid Cooling in Data Centers Likely Inevitable

NEW ORLEANS – It’s been a decade since cooling vendors began predicting that power densities would force servers to be cooled by liquid rather than cool air. Instead, the industry has seen major advances in the efficiency of air cooling, while liquid cooling has been largely confined to specialized computing niches.

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HP Refreshes 3PAR Storage Line

HP announced a refresh of its midrange and flash-optimized 3PAR storage systems portfolio, advancing block, file, object, and backup of 3PAR StoreServ Converged Flash arrays. The company is releasing new 3PAR File Persona software and a new StoreServ 7440c Converged Flash Array.

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How do I plan, deploy, and roll out Lync UC most effectively?

I was asked to jump on a call today with a customer who was struggling with migrating branch sites from their legacy PBX platform to a new Lync Enterprise Voice platform.  We had helped the Customer Architect and Implement a Highly Available and Site Resiliant (Disaster Recovery) Lync Solution across multiple data centers and conducted a successful Voice Pilot.  Sounds like a successful project, what’s the issue, right?

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Half of IT Networks Will Feel the Stranglehold of IoT Devices: IDC Report

Within just three years, IT networks are expected to go from having excess capacity to being overloaded by the stress of Internet of Things (IoT) connected devices. The IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Internet of Things 2015 Predictions released on Wednesday gives the top 10 decision imperatives to be used by businesses IT department to direct future planning.

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Keywest Introduces 6-Channel Digital Signage Video Wall Player

The second function of the 2-in-1 multi-head player is the multi-screen controller, which performs similarly to a video wall controller. The supplied setup software allows up to six screens to be configured, either in landscape or portrait orientation. 

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Emerging Innovation at DEMO

In a recent post I stated that any company should (a) understand their spend on innovation, and (b) devote a portion of their innovation spending on emerging technology. The picture below describes devoting “C%” of innovation spend on emerging tech:

This theory of course means that each company has to decide which emerging technologies to invest in. How does a company prime the pump to survey and select the proper emerging areas?

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