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Understanding the Cost of Delivering a Service

Throughout the history of the data center, understanding the true costs behind the technology has been an uphill struggle. Recently, eBay and Facebook announced that they are taking steps to understand data center cost and efficiency. And while this proves that the struggle is gaining momentum, it doesn’t mean much to the average data center owner who can’t command the budget to take similar steps.

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Six Critical Steps to Evolving Capacity Management

Your data center is growing. You have more applications, workloads and users accessing critical resources. Business demands continuously place new strains on data center resources, capacity and efficiency.

The reality around the modern data center is that it is the central hub for all major technologies and delivery platforms. Organizations are asking their data centers for greater density and lower-cost operation.

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Is the Commodity Data Center Around the Corner?

The data center is changing. We have new methods of cooling, optimizing the data center and even the utilization of green energy through next-generation geothermal technologies. The insides of the data center and what goes into the rack has been changing as well. New platforms around consolidation, server technology and cloud computing are all impacting how we process and utilize resources.

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Four Big Advantages of Multi-Tenant Data Centers

Server virtualization, application delivery, and IT consumerization have all impacted how end-users process and consume information. Because of this, entire business models are being forced to change and data center operations forced to evolve.

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ViaWest Opens Huge Denver Data Center

ViaWest has opened its fifth Denver-area data center. The Compark facility — the first greenfield construction project the provider has ever undertaken – is a  210,000 square foot building with 140,000 square feet of raised floor.

The news comes about two months after ViaWest launched a data center in Chaska, Minnesota, to serve the Minneapolis market.

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