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VMware Network Virtualization Blog: VMware NSX Runs Great on VCE Vblock Systems

Last week at EMC World in Las Vegas, one of the industry’s best offerings in converged infrastructure was on display. The adoption of converged infrastructure is becoming increasingly common in many organizations. In fact, research estimates that the total addressable market for converged infrastructure will reach $402B by 2017. Companies are taking advantage of converged infrastructure to accelerate cloud and software-defined data center deployments.

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VMware Virtualization Management Blog: vCAC and Nsx – Dynamically Configure Application Specific Network Services

Can you deliver a secure, scalable and high performing application on demand?

Applications need much more than the appropriately sized virtual machines. They also need networks configured with appropriate connectivity, security, availability, scale, and performance.

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VMware Virtualization Management Blog: Management Automation: The “Catalysts” that Empower the Software Defined Data Center

By Rich Bourdeau

Today, the world revolves around applications. Creating, delivering and managing those applications is a formidable challenge for both Development and IT.  By virtualizing all aspects of the data center (namely, compute, networking, security and storage), VMware customers are moving to a completely virtualized infrastructure. One that can be dynamically configured to meet specific application needs.

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Hybrid Cloud Computing for the Modern Economy

Robert Jenkins is the chief executive officer of CloudSigma.

Since the dawn of cloud computing, its appeal to businesses could be summed up in three words: scalability, availability and accessibility. But, cloud computing has been around for a while now, and like any other technology, we inevitably reach the point where people start asking what’s next. We live in an age where paradigm-shifting innovations are rolled out more often than at any other point in history.

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Securing a Hybrid Infrastructure

Cloud services have provided a solid alternative for enterprises to consume IT services, but most organisations use a hybrid cloud that combines private infrastructure with specific external cloud services.

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Creating Visibility into Your Cloud and Virtualized Data Center

The data center platform  has had to evolve to accommodate an ever-evolving enterprise. As business needs change, the data center model has had to adapt to great density requirements. Multi-tenant cloud infrastructures have become the norm and even more is being expected from your IT infrastructure.

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