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Delivering Enhanced Visibility, Better SLA and Disaster Avoidance

Your business is growing, you have more technology demands, and the industry is pushing you to make even more infrastructure decisions. These trends aren’t slowing down either. Cloud computing and complex applications are creating very large demands against the modern data center. In this case study from RF Code, we look at an organization that sought a solution for a growing resource challenge.

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Mid-Year Cloud Jobs Update: Get Noticed, Get Your Head in the Cloud

We’re well into June already and the cloud world continues to speed up. New types of delivery models, improved optimizations and better infrastructure convergence mechanisms are all impacting how we utilize the modern data center. Through it all – the engineer, architect and IT professional must continue to evolve alongside technology and the business organization.

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Cloud-Savvy New Signature Beats Out Behemoths To Win U.S. Microsoft Partner Of Year Award

New Signature, a $14 million company that has pivoted aggressively to a cloud-focused business model, defeats a slew of consulting giants to win the 2014 U.S. Microsoft Partner of the Year award.

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VMware Support Insider: Top 20 Articles for May 2014

Here is our Top 20 KB list for May 2014. This list is ranked by the number of times a VMware Support Request was resolved by following the steps in a published Knowledge Base article.

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Hybrid Cloud is Real and Right for You!

Today’s IT conversations cannot happen without some discussion about “the cloud”. Generally, this means the different public/consumer technology solutions that are very easy to get into and not necessarily so easy to get out of. The solutions are flexible, work across devices and appear to be very inexpensive since the costs are largely measured “per month”.

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Huawei’s Cloud Connect Seeks to Link Multiple Clouds, Integrate Physical and Virtual

Huawei, the Chinese networking equipment giant, announced Agile Data Center Cloud Connect — a solution designed to simplify building cloud service systems for enterprises, aiming to address challenges associated with mixing physical and virtual devices in cloud infrastructure.

The main components are Huawei’s CloudEngine series of data center switches and Agile Controller cloud applications. It also includes cloud platforms and data center network resources for simple automation.

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VMware vCloud Blog: Mix and Match Storage Tiers

Recently VMware vCloud Hybrid Service released a new storage tier offering named Standard Storage. Standard Storage is a low-cost storage option available as part of the Dedicated and Virtual Private Cloud services. In the announcement blog article , we discussed the use cases for the different storage tiers.

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Three Key Elements for Successfully Migrating Data Into the Cloud

Migrating data and applications into the cloud can provide better data access and availability and—depending on the types of services you implement—can deliver added protection, security and reliability for your sensitive and mission critical data. The three key elements of automation, control and integration required to successfully migrate your data, mission critical or otherwise, to the cloud can result in one significant overall benefit–business agility.

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VMware Virtualization Management Blog: You Want to Deploy a Private or Hybrid Cloud – But Where Do You Start?

According to a recent 2013 Cloud Computing Study by the InfoPro, a services of 451 Research, 60% of the study’s respondents view cloud computing as a natural evolution of IT service delivery and 69% expect their spending to increase in both 2013 and 2014 compared with the prior year.

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NetApp 360 Blog: Moving from Cloud Vision to Re… | NetApp Community

Organizations want the ability to move data as needed without being constrained by previous architecture decisions. Cisco® Intercloud and the NetApp® cloud data fabric enable customers to confidently choose new cloud partners for their IT journey to the cloud. The combination of Intercloud with the NetApp Data ONTAP® operating system provides the platform for flexibility of choice and security in the cloud.

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