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Making Clusters Easy to Use and Easy to Own

Companies have more choices than ever to save money and improve efficiency in their IT environment such as public and private cloud, virtual server environments, and high performance SSD storage. They can even combine a traditional physical server environment with cloud in hybrid configurations for better disaster recovery protection.

However, protecting business critical applications such as SQL, Oracle, SAP, file and print from downtime and disasters in these environments poses a variety of challenges to traditional SAN-based cluster environments.


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Data Lake, Data Reservoir, Data Dump…Blah, Blah, Blah…

As is typical from many (but not all) technology vendors, analysts and analyst firms, there is a rush to come up with the “right” name to which the technology vendors, analysts and analyst firms can claim origination honors.  It seems that this slide is trying to coin the term “Data Reservoir” – instead of “Data Lake” – to describe this new, big data architectural approach.  My response: who cares?

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Tintri: Reinventing Storage for the Virtual Enterprise

Kieran Harty, CTO and Co-Founder of Tintri, explains the company’s approach to data management for the software-defined data center.

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The Huge Opex Win – Treat Inactive Data like Inactive Data

Few organizations are unaware of the challenges posed by ever-increasing amounts of unstructured data. Primary storage data growth extends backup cycles, consumes resources, requires unnecessary management overhead, and can end up costing millions of dollars for extensions and upgrades.

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Building Blocks: Predictable and Simple Storage for Virtual Environments

Today, virtualization is commonplace in the enterprise data center and its benefits are indisputable. However, several challenges must be addressed to ensure the success of any virtualization initiative.

To accommodate rapid growth and fluctuations in demand, the infrastructure needs to easily support the scaling of individual VMs, as well as the addition of new virtualized workloads. Although network scaling is becoming simplified with software-defined network architectures, scalability continues to be one of the top challenges when increasing the level of virtualization in the modern data center.

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When Milliseconds Matter

For those working in IT with a focus on consistently delivering service  without delay, milliseconds matter right ? Or should that be microseconds ?

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New Performance Results From Five Of The Latest SSDs

The CRN Test Center sorts through the SSD specs to help solution providers figure out which is best for which application.

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Flying Through Clouds: Establishing a Flight Plan

NetApp Solutions Performance Engineers As I think about flying through clouds, establishing the right performance methodology is similar to a pilot completing flight school before taking to the air.  Continuing with this analogy, every pilot must complete a flight plan and file it with the local Aviation

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